Gates of Lake Region

You can remote view QT Series by using Internet Explorer in a PC system or using Safari 5.0 in MAC OS 10.6 system

When internet is connected you will click here....but not yet.....

for instruction manual click here

for stand alone viewer "when not using internet explorer" click here

for instruction manual for stand alone software click here

for ipad / iphone instructions click here

for android phone / tablet instructions click here


Step 1) Make sure you have the correct ip address.

Step 2) Log into the wifi at the front

using Internet Explorer go the the following :

island cameras wifi no password then Main Cameras

cameras on gates wifi no password then Old Cameras


User Name and password have been given to the Board .


Step 3) Make sure you are using Internet Explorer and have the ActiveX settings configured.

Step 4) The network you are connecting from - might be blocking the DVR .

For example, places like a library or office network might prevent you from logging in to your

security camera.

Step 5) Make sure the DVR is up and running.


Step 7) Use Internet Explorer to log in. You can not use Internet Explorer (64 bit) or IE(no add on).

Step 8) Log in to windows as an Administrator level, not the user level.

Step 9) Anti-Virus programs such as Norton and Kaspersky might block the ActiveX download from

the DVR; most of these internet security programs give you the option of disabling them for a

short period of time.

Step 10) Some of our DVRs do not support Internet Explorer 9, you can use the optional client software

to view the cameras. You can download the software from

Step 11) Only the QT Series and QC Series support Mac viewing.

Step 12) For mobile phones, you might not have enough bandwidth to connect. Also make sure you are

using the correct mobile app and the firmware on the DVR is up to date.

Step 13) If you are able to log into the DVR but unable to see the live feed; check your video card driver

and DirectX properties. Make sure the DirectX features are enabled. If the DirectX features are

not enabled, update the DirectX and video card drivers by updating your video drivers.



To allow activeX controlls that are needed to view cameras in Internet Explorer.........


1. Open Internet Explorer


3. scroll down to "Download unsigned activeX controlls: and change to "prompt"

3 scroll down to the next box "Initialize and script activeX..." and change to "prompt" OK and OK again ....close internet explorer and try again. Thins time a bar will come up and ask you if

it is ok to download and install the activeX control.