Gate Security Camera

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Gate Pole Camera Systems

Until now there it has been impractable to record and view live surveillance video from your community's gate system.Our wireless internet view camera systems solve the installation and recording problems. Once installed, your cameras will record on a standard windows XP computer system not a troublesom DVR recorder. Live video from any of your cameras may be viewed from any location with highspeed internet. Expand your gate system to cover all your common areas; clubhouses, pools, mail, docks, boat ramps.

Capture license plates of all vehicles entering your community. So often you may have a description of a vehicle but no tag number. With our system just review the video, print a photo of the tag and give to police.

Next Generation Camera Systems

Combining a web server {for internet viewing} with a digital camera to create a wired or wireless surveillance system that is fully managed by a laptop computer. This computer can be located across the complex, across the street or across the country. Video is stored on a hard-drive attached to this computer. Multiple sites may be recorded on one computer.

Recording Software

Monitoring and Recording software runs on a standard windows XP laptop. Up to 16 cameras may be mointored at one time. Recording can be continuous or Motion event driven. Data is stored on a Hard-drive and will cycle it's own recording with no user intervention when it becomes full. When you need to document an event, you may print snapshots directly to your printer, burn photos to a CD or DVD, or create short video clips in Windows Media Player Format.


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