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HOA Security Camera Systems

Until now it has been impractical to record and view live surveillance video from your community's gate system.Our internet view camera systems solve the installation and recording problems. Once installed, your cameras will record on location and may be viewed on a standard windows computer system.. Live video from any of your cameras may be viewed from any location with high speed internet. Expand your gate system to cover all your common areas; clubhouses, pools, mail, docks, boat ramps.

Capture license plates of all vehicles entering your community. You may have a description of a vehicle but no tag number. With our system just review the video, print a photo of the tag and give to police.

System Features
1.  Easy to operate system that records files as windows media files in 15min segments.
2.   Direct video file download to Board Member’s or Law Enforcement’s computer. {no need to burn discs}
3.  24hr access to live video camera feed {password protected user level and administrator level}
4. 1080p / 960h / 21 recording quality is up to 4 times higher quality.
5.  Video storage of 30 days or more {then the computer will start writing over oldest files}

6. View cameras from most smart phones
7.  Easy to use  just click Play Back button and select camera and date. 


Next Generation Camera Systems

Combining a web server {for internet viewing} with a digital camera to create a wired or wireless surveillance system that is fully managed by a computer. This computer can be located across the complex, across the street or across the country.

Web DVR servers with wired digital cameras are included with our newest systems.

Installing Software

The first time you log into your camera's website you will be asked to download an aciveX control. If Internet Explorer blocks the download click on this link for instructions to change your settings. Instructions. ........407-383-7305 ...................



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